Dragonball AF Mugen Project Progetto

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Dragon ball AF Project MUGEN is born with the purpose of create the world of dragon ball  with the MUGEN. 
If you want to contact us you can use MSN whit this address (or send E-mail): 
dbafmugen2@hotmail.it Or you also contact: 
Macilento - Head Graphic(macilento2@hotmail.it) 
Squall - Head Coder(sirio902@hotmail.it) 
Here is a brief description of the project in progress: 
Dragonball AF 
Inspired to Dragonball, to the series never created, that stories are available on the web,that was not made by Akira Toyama, but uses its characters and its creations to give life to following levels of madness and intergalactic fight